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Great podcast

I loved the Lilith and Nephilim episodes! Maybe take on purgatory as a topic sometime.

In Depth Topics!

I wouldn't have thought a "religious" podcast would go so in depth on historical topics. The religious people I know have absolutely no interest or questions about these type of topics. Pinewood does a great job of introducing the material, seems to be fair to multiple points of view, and is even a…


It’s so hard to find podcasts that are worth listening to. There are very, very few. This is one of them. Pastor Pinewood dives into complex and sometimes triggering topics with historic reference & context while deploying just the right amount of humor and humility. Whether you’re a Ph.D., or …


Did not expect to learn as much as I have and it’s only 5 episodes in! Can’t wait to expand my knowledge, find new things to research and keep skeptical

Great Material

Pastor Pinewood offers a great balance of historical truth with crazy theory and sprinkles in a bit comedic sarcasm. All in all it makes for a fun and informative ride.